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Originally, this blog was meant primarily to chronicle the audacious and somewhat crazy endeavor of fully integrating Math, Science, Social Studies, and English into a curriculum of projects-not-classes for 12th graders at nex+Gen Academy.   The purpose has since changed. While I was in the classroom, I loved to try new things in the classroom, and share what worked and what didn’t.  I also like to think and write about quality instruction, not just limited to project based learning, but I work at the New Tech Network, so much of the writing will be about instruction as it relates to PBL.


About the Author

I’ve been an educator for more than 20 years, teaching mostly physics, but also lots of other science.  During my most recent stint in the classroom, from 2012 to 2016, I taught a combined Environmental Science at Statistics course to seniors at Nex+Gen Academy, a school that I helped to found.  I’m a PAEMST Awardee and National Board Certified in Science.  Presently, I’m working at New Tech Network, helping to establish deeper learning in schools across the nation.


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