Update On My Class

Last year, I started this blog with an ambitious name, explaining that it would be, in part, an explication of an experiment:  the full integration of 4 subject areas into a single class that used projects, not subjects, as the guiding structure for the class.   If you want to know more, read the intro to the blog, and the last several entries.

The year proved to be great.   I spoke about it at the New Tech Annual Conference in New Orleans last July, if you want to hear about it.   Apologies to @emergentmath.   Heh heh.

Alas, the experiment became very difficult when my previous teaching partner moved on to a new profession at the end of last school year.   The new teacher in her stead is awesome, but with a senior class of twice as many people, and little time to plan out the year, our paths diverged after project 1 this school year.

All that to say:  I am now talking about my curriculum with said new teacher, but we are no longer integrating the Math/Science with the Humanities.   Rather, I continue to work on integrating Environmental Studies with Statistics, creating projects that are more self-contained. 

This news should set the context for a couple of posts to follow about my class this year, which has, as it turns out, been a great deal of fun, but sometimes not so easy.   Without the constraints of the other subjects, I find that choice paralysis creeps up on me now and then. 

The good news: in our independent work, we are finding that there are great possibilities for integration next year.  

The dream doesn’t die.


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